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The Portal is the entry point for all of Taktikal's solutions as well as where user & account management takes place.

Drop & Sign

Drop & Sign is Taktikal’s solution for digital signing. Any type of PDF document can be uploaded and sent to one or more recipients to request their signature.

See Drop & Sign for detailed description

Activity Log

Information on activity, i.e. who initiated a process and when, as well as who signed what and when, for all processes from Drop & Sign and AML/KYC Smart Forms are displayed here as shown.

Specific permission can be granted for a company administrator to see activity log of certain users within it's company. Contact us at to enable this permission.

Fill & Sign

A list of all available Fill & Sign documents is displayed here with options to view it's draft, download the PDF or update it's flow. Clicking on the flow will redirect to our Fill & Sign editor.

See Fill & Sign for detailed description

Adding a document to use with our Fill & Sign product.

Smart Forms

See Smart Forms for a detailed description.


See AML for a detailed description.

See examples:


PEP & Sanctions

See PEP & Sanctions for a detailed description.

Search results confirmation is available to download in PDF form.

See example:


See MiFID for a detailed description

See examples:


Investor Classification


A list of contacts is displayed here with options to change e-mail, phone number or delete a contact. Adding a contact is also done on this page.

When adding a contact, users can be added to groups which can be accesses throughout the application thus when specifying a person to send a document to, a group can then be selected instead to select multiple users at once.

These groups can then be viewed in the Groups tab.


Usage statistics are provided to give more of a detailed insight along with environmental statistics which can also be injected to your own website. See documentation