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Drop & Sign is a simple solution suitable for all PDF documents that are ready for signing. Signees do not need to register or log in and Taktikal only stores the documents during the signing process, which is at maximum 30 days.

How Drop & Sign works

Drop & Sign is designed where signature is needed as soon as possible. The solution support multiple signees for a single document.

  1. Drop the document Ready to be signed document is selected and sent to customer
  2. Send to customer Relevant information for customers are filled in the portal and the document is sent using Email or Text messages for each signee
  3. Digitally signed Customer receives the document and signs with a fully qualified digital signature

Included in the product

  • Authentication with Electronic ID: Users authenticate with electronic IDs on their phone.

  • Connects to your CRM: Connections to Sharepoint, Dokobit portal and other CRM systems for safe keeping of documents.

  • Verified timestamp: All documents are verified upon signature. Further information about the signature can be found within the document.

  • Standard and Qualified digital signatures: Taktikal offers both qualified signatures (QES) that meet the EIDAS requirements and Standard signatures with 2 factor verification for increased security.

  • Sealed document: All digitally signed documents are sealed so that the document cannot be modified without invalidating the signature.

  • Customized messages: Customized messages that help the user through the process both in the interface and in the email.

  • Text messages: Text messages to get faster digital signatures from your clients.

  • Email: Automatic custom emails with your company logo to notify users.

  • Connection to CRM system: We can help integrating to all major CRM systems.

  • Statistics: Get statistics on all major events in the system. Including how many finish the process.